If you are thinking about replacing or installing your industrial boiler, the chances are that you may want to opt for a gas or oil boiler rather than an electric one. In fact, most industry users do not consider electric boilers unless there are some practical difficulties involved such as not being able to get a gas supply line to their industrial property. However, getting an electric boiler may have several advantages. In terms of working mechanism, an electric boiler draws power from the main power supply and uses it to heat elements within the boiler. Instead of the combustion of fuel, an electric boiler uses electricity to generate the same effect. As water passes through these elements, the temperature of water rises and you get heated water pumped as per your requirement. Although in principle the process of both a gas and electric water boiler is similar, the latter has many advantages.

Electric Boiler Advantages

Hundred percent conversion

Unlike fuel based boilers where there are chances that a small amount of fuel is burned off and released as emission in the heating process, electric boilers guarantees a 100% conversion of electricity into thermal energy. This means you are getting returns on every single unit of electricity utilized by your boiler in the form of heat.

Cost efficient

Although this point is connected to the above, it is important to point out that electric boilers can help you to save a lot of money on your energy bill as compared to a traditional boiler. Whether it is savings incurring due to maximum conversion of electric units to usable thermal energy or the low-cost installation and maintenance that electric boilers need, there is no doubt that these savings translate into significant amounts in the long term and reduce your operational costs.

Easy to handle

One of the biggest advantages of electric broilers is that they are extremely easy to install and maintain. Most electrical boilers need a very basic maintenance schedule which can be easy and low cost. You can get an industrial boiler company to carry out an annual maintenance service for your boilers to prolong big maintenance, repairs and replacement costs.

Environmentally friendly

Since electric boilers don’t use fuel or oil, they are extremely environmentally friendly. There is no need to worry about unsafe working conditions, fuel emissions and pollution as electric boilers do not emit any smoke.


Electric boilers are extremely compact and easy to use due to their size. They can be installed even in tight spaces. There are no requirements of flue or chimney in case of electric boilers. Also as there are no gas pipes needed, your entire boiler assembly can fit in small places.


One of the most critical concerns of any industry today is complying with the industrial safety guidelines and standards. In gas operated boiler systems, there is an increased concern about fire safety due to possible fuel leaks. Electric boilers work on the simple electric mechanism and have no fuel that is likely to leak or catch fire during operations. From a safety standpoint it is one of the greatest advantages of electric boiler.

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