Choosing a heater for your office is a major decision. You can choose from an electric or a gas heater. Your fuel choice will have certain implications for efficiency, safety, and convenience so you’ll want to do your research and consider your options carefully.

Heating With a Gas System

Gas heaters get their power by burning either natural gas or propane. Which one you choose will depend on if you have access to city-sponsored infrastructure or need to bring in your own propane to store for your own personal use. When ignited, the gas will burn consistently and quickly warm the room where they are installed.

Since gas heaters need to have a fuel source, you need to have a gas or propane line in order for them to work. You will also need to vent your office to remove carbon monoxide.

The Cons of Gas Heat

The biggest disadvantage of gas heaters is the potential for carbon monoxide leaks, which can be poisonous and fatal.

Heating With an Electric System

There are a number of heaters on the market, but they all work in a similar way by using electricity instead of gas or propane to warm up a space.

The Pros of Electric Heat

Minimal disruption during installation: Electric heaters can be installed just about anywhere. The installation process is quick and causes little to no disruption to your day-to-day operations.
Easy Maintenance: While it is important that your check that your electric heaters are functioning properly, there is less probability for a malfunction that could put you or your employee’s health at risk.


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