Fossil fuels continue to be a primary energy source. However, the good news is that renewable technologies such as solar energy are challenging the utilization of traditional fossil fuels.

The term fossil fuel refers to natural fuel sources which were originally made in the geological past from the remains of living organisms. Fossil fuels including coal, natural gas, and oil, come from the remains of ancient plants and animals which have been buried for millions of years.

Conditions that the remains were below overtime play a role in the fossil fuels they become. For instance, coal is formed from the remains of land plants which have been compacted and heated. Humans access fossil fuels by mining and drilling to the earth to extract them out of rocks and geologic formations.

The Downsides of Fossil Fuels

Although we’ve relied on fossil fuels to power our society for a quite long time, there are various drawbacks associated with the resource. These disadvantages include creation of pollution, unsustainability, and heightened chances of accidents.

Pollution: Fossil fuels need to be burned in order to release the energy stored in them, which leads to smoke and gases being released into the atmosphere. Burning fossil fuels pumps damaging particles and greenhouse gases into the air, leading to adverse consequences for all types of beings on the planet.

Fossil fuels also contribute to climate change. Compounds such as CO2 and methane enters our atmosphere and the trap of heat from the sun, that has lead to a steady increase in average global temperatures since the early 1900s. Increasing temperatures may lead to everything from the destruction of the natural habitat to sea level rise.

Nonrenewable: Fossil fuels are nonrenewable so they do not naturally replenish quickly enough for humans to use. Fossil fuels take millions of years to form deep within the earth, and we can’t simply sit around and wait around for new coal to shape.

Overall Unsafe: Fossil fuels must be burned to create energy. At our current usage rate, we’ll simply run out of fossil fuels to utilize if we do not turn to other energy resources. That occurs in the controlled environment of a power plant, however, sometimes accidents happen, and they are usually catastrophic. Oil drilling rigs are vulnerable to catastrophic collapse.


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