The extraction and production of fossil fuels is an expensive and environmentally challenging endeavor. Electric Horsepower Inc. (EHP) develops products that reduce operational costs and significantly decrease the ecological footprint associated with fuel consumption, emissions, and hazardous waste disposal.

EHP utilizes a patented electric power source as the base platform for all of our product offerings. We specialize in designing and manufacturing electric equipment that provides clean, safe, and efficient alternatives to assist our customers in achieving their operational objectives.

With a highly skilled team of electrical engineers and programmers, EHP utilizes an applied solutions approach to customize equipment specific to our customer’s requirements.

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Shaun Vantuil

Automation Software Specialist

15 years experience including telecommunications, commercial & industrial electrical, 7 years experience in the area of industrial software automation and controls

Robert Folk

VP Product Integration

46 years experience in the oil and gas industry all around the world. Including 17 years as rig manager and then switched designing rigs as well as top drives, drawworks, centrifugal pumps, moving systems, several different catwalks for high substructures, electric frac systems, ball launchers etc. Holds many patented technologies within the oilfield.

Electric Horsepower Inc.

Innovative electric solutions for environmentally responsible energy production.

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Nisku, Alberta
T9E7M6, Canada

Phone: 587-520-1800

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Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
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