CREH 10KW to 30KW

EHP electric flame-less heaters provide the industry’s highest volume of clean, efficient heated air utilising 480V or 600V power. Small, light, quiet, portable and low maintenance are just some of the benefits of the EHP electric heaters. Unlike their diesel powered counter parts, there are zero emissions that emanate from these units in addition to eliminating the cost and inconvenience of burning diesel fuel.


Compare Specifications

KW 12KW/19KW 10 30
Power Supply 240V 50A/80A
Power Supply 480V 14.1A 42.5A
Power Supply 600V 13.6A 40.8A
Operating cost/h Maintenance Free Maintenance Free Maintenance Free
Weight 156 lbs. or 70 kg. 250 lbs. or 113 kg. 300 lbs. or 136 kg.
Size W23" x H27" x L51" W16" x H21" x L46" W16" x H21" x L65"
BTU 56 000 or 92 000 40 000 110 000
Airflow 1000 CFM @ 8" W/C or
1400 CFM @ 2" W/C
1000 CFM 1000 CFM
Air Presure 8" W/C 4" W/C 4" W/C
Noise Level 82 dB(A) @ 5 FT. 82 dB(A) @ 5 FT. 82 dB(A) @ 5 FT.
Ducting Size 8" Duct outlet 8" Duct outlet 8" Duct outlet
Brochure 1P-CREH.pdf

Value added standard features

  • Safe flame-less Heater
  • Produces 100% breathable Clean hot dry air
  • Energy Efficient
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Double Wall aluminium design eliminates burn hazard
  • Floor or Wall mounted Extra

Extra Features that can be added

These features can be added on request:

  • Live Camera streaming for security
  • Explosion proof (Class 1 Division 1)