LPH 20KW to 200KW

EHP’s patented 3-in-1 LPH units combine a light tower power generator with a highly efficient electric heater producing clean breathable air. LPH units produce the same BTU and CFM as competitor heating units while reducing fuel costs by 65% and with our automatic variable speed control feature the power load adjusts as needed further reducing fuel consumption.


The Advantages of Light Power Radiant Heater

If you are looking for uniform heating, reduced electric bills, low maintenance, fast and efficient heating, consider light power radiant heater.

A light power heater or infrared radiant heater transfers energy through electromagnetic radiation.

They deliver heat with reduced visible light. There are two carbon heating elements that generate a comfortable level of heating in a subtle orange light. Known for fast mid-wave output, they are suitable for windy areas, outdoors, and indoors.

Light power heaters are well suited for businesses or industrial buildings looking for carbon-friendly heating. The energy is not renewable, but it can be incorporated with green energy production from solar panels for more efficient heating.

  • Uniform Heating: Unlike convection heating, infrared heating delivers gentle heat to a solid body instead of warming up the surrounding air. The heat emitted by convection systems rises towards the ceiling while the heavy, cold air settles around the lower part of a room. Infrared, on the other hand, heats the object or person placed before it so there is uniform heating throughout the room.
  • Instant Heating: Infrared is quick to heat up and cool down. As a result, in a room full of people, infrared offers instant heat but when it is turned off, the room cools down as fast too. Convection heaters take time to warm up and cool down a room.
  • Cost-Effective and Flameless: Infrared costs less than convection heaters. A 600w infrared heater delivers the same amount of heat as a 1500w convection one. As a result, there are significant savings. They are also easy to install. You simply have to plug them in; and provide better air quality because they are no smelly, dangerous fumes. These heaters help those with allergies and are said to improve general health because infrared heat is absorbed by the body to improve blood circulation.

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Patented electric heating coils combined with heat exchanger provides best in class energy-to-heat ratio. The LPH eliminates the expense, emissions, and inconvenience of having a separate heating source with dedicated fuel requirements.

Compare Specifications

LPH20 LPH40 LPH100
KW 20 40 100
Fuel tank size 350 350 600
Operating cost/h(Gal/h) 1.3 3.3 6.1
Operating time(hours) 275 105 100
Lighting 4/8/16 x 200 Watt LED (show as merged & centred cell for all 3)
Tower height 9.75m / 32ft. (show as merged & centred cell for all 3)
Weight 1500kg/3300lbs 1500kg/3300lbs
Size(W, L, H)meters 2 x 3.15 x 2.5 37" x 70" x 88"
Generator 69.4 amp output @ 208VAC 3-phase
BTU 225 000 700 000 1 500 000
Airflow 1150 CFM 2500-3000 CFM 9000 CFM
Air pressure 8 Inches of WC 8-9 Inches of WC 63 Inches of WC or 2 PSI
Brochure lph20.pdf lph40.pdf lph100.pdf

Value added standard features

  • Sound Attenuation
  • Forklift Pockets and Lifting Points
  • 4 Days of Operation on Fuel Tank Under Full Load
  • Over Speed Shutdown
  • Redundant Emergency & Temperature Shutdown
  • Power Management System Extra

Extra features that can be added

These features can be added on request:

  • Live Camera streaming for security
  • Explosion proof (Class 1 Div 1)
  • The LPH also comes available with a Smart phone app option for:
    • GPS tracking system
    • Remote start/stop, temperature and CFM control
    • Remote monitoring of fuel, run time, etc.
    • Cost per hour calculations
    • Trouble shooting
    • Software/Firmware updates
  • And many more •