REH 45KW to 2000KW

EHP electric flame-less heaters provide the industry’s highest volume of clean, efficient heated air utilising 480V or 600V power. Small, light, quiet, portable and low maintenance are just some of the benefits of the EHP electric heaters. Unlike their diesel powered counter parts, there are zero emissions that emanate from these units in addition to eliminating the cost and inconvenience of burning diesel fuel.


Patented electric heating coils combined with heat exchanger provides best in class energy-to-heat ratio.

Compare Specifications

REH45 REH125
KW 22/45 75/112
Power Supply 480V 30A/60A 100A/150A
Power Supply 600V 30A/60A 100A/150A
Operating Maintenance Free Maintenance Free
Lighting 4/8/16 x 200 Watt LED
Tower height 9.75m / 32ft.
Weight 1496 lbs. or 680 kg 1897 lbs. or 862 kg.
Size W36" x H52" x L55" W48" x H64" x L96"
BTU 79 000 - 225 000 450 000 - 750 000
Airflow 4000 CFM - 5200 CFM 4000 CFM - 5200 CFM
Air pressure 1 PSI or 27.71 Inches of WC 1 PSI or 27.71 Inches of WC
Noise Level Under 60 DBA Under 85 DBA
Ducting Size 8" Ducting - Splitters Available 16" Ducting - Splitters Available
Brochure REH45.pdf REH125.pdf

Added Value/ Standard Features

  • Variable Operating modes
  • Sound Attenuation
  • Transport: Skid Mounted, Forklift Pocket, Top Lifting Eyes

Extra Features that can be added

  • These features can be added on request:
  • Live Camera streaming for security
  • Explosion proof (Class 1 Division 1 T2 CD)
  • The REH also comes available with a Smart phone app option for:
    • GPS tracking system
    • Remote start/stop, temperature and CFM control
    • Remote monitoring of fuel, run time, etc.
    • Cost per hour calculations
    • Trouble shooting
    • Software/Firmware updates