With a growing sensitivity towards reducing pollution, carbon footprints and ensuring sustainability for the ecosystem, today’s consumers are more than eager to adopt products that not just fulfil a requirement, but also ensures least damage to the environment and natural ecosystem while doing so. One such product is the Three in One Light Power Heater (LPH).

The Three in One LPH is metaphorically known as the Swiss Army generator due to the host of benefits and utility it offers in a single machine. LPH units are a combination of a light power generator and an efficient electric heater that can produce clean and breathable air. They have many unique advantages like a uniform heating effect, lower hydro bills, and quick and thorough heating. Light power heaters, also known as infrared radiant heaters utilize energy through electromagnetic radiation for heat transfer. Moreover, they hold up well in windy areas and outdoors.

Sophisticated systems like the LPH 20 KW to 200KW – Electric Horsepower’s patented three in one LPH – are known to reduce fuel costs by 60%. They comprise of a power generator combined with an electric heater with features like automatic variable speed control. Here are some added features and host of advantages that they offer:

  • They are quite easy to install and are free from fumes.
  • They are good for people with allergies and are believed to improve general health.
  • They are a perfect choice for businesses that are looking at carbon friendly heating and wish to use only environmentally friendly appliances.
  • Unlike the usual convection heating systems, this kind of infrared heating gently heat solid bodies and not warm up the surroundings. Infrared systems heat the object or person placed before it and so there is uniform heating.
  • Unlike conventional heaters, they are much faster in heating and cooling down.
  • If you are still not convinced, infrared systems are much more economically viable as a 600w infrared heater delivers the same amount of heat as 1500w.

Infrared power heaters are a great fit for businesses that are keen to invest in carbon friendly, sustainable but good quality heating systems