Reducing industrial waste can be a challenging task, but it is imperative that businesses take the steps necessary to reduce the amount of industrial waste they produce. Many companies are looking for ways to save money on waste disposal as disposing of garbage can get quite expensive.

Another reason why you should reduce the amount of waste your business produces is the environmental cost. Our environment is precious, and it is crucial that we do everything possible to minimize the harmful effects our activities can have on the environment.

If you want to reduce your industrial waste, here are some suggestions:


If you do not know how much waste you’re producing, it can be challenging to cut it effectively. Measuring your waste enables you to share the results and challenge everyone to reduce the amount of waste they produce. If you notice that you’re creating a lot of a specific type of waste from a particular area of your business, you can take steps to reduce it.


If, for example, you are in the manufacturing industry, review your manufacturing process. Try and find ways you can use your raw materials in a more efficient way, such as checking if materials within your business’s manufacturing process can be upcycled within your company for use again.

Waste Exchange

For some trades, one business’s waste can be another business’ resources. If you’d like to reduce your business’s manufacturing waste, look at the waste that your business produces and determine if it can be used as a resource in another business’s production process. By exchanging your waste instead of disposing of it, you are making sure it gets more use out of it so that less of it ends up in a landfill.

Reduce Packaging

This can be done in two ways. First, you can reduce the amount of packaging on the goods that you manufacture. Second, you can compare the packaging of any products you purchase. An effective way to reduce the amount of packaging you use is by buying materials in bulk.

Food Waste

Another way of reducing waste is by thinking of food waste. Think about all the food waste your employees create in your workplace’s breakout room. A great way of reducing how much of this type of waste goes into a landfill is by ensuring it gets recycled and composted.

Use Signs

If you have recycling systems in place, but your employees are not using them as often as they should be, consider improving your signage. For example, if most waste is being put into the general waste bin, consider labelling your containers to promote recycling in your business. Placing signs to tell people to recycle their waste is easy to do, and it works.

Hire Professionals

A professional waste management firm can provide you with a variety of services designed to reduce your waste effectively and responsibly. The team at Electric Horsepower prides ourselves on developing products that can decrease your company’s ecological footprint and reduce your operational costs in Edmonton, Alberta. To view our products, such as our energy-efficient boilers, browse our selection on our website.